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AutoGen automates the generation of  Description for Material/Product which keeps the description standardized across the system and avoids any manual human error. AutoGen is intelligent tool which complies with many industry standards, and based on your industry, when setup, can generate the right material/product description. AutoGen also abbreviates the words that can reduce the length of material description and still be descriptive.


TaxoGen automates the setup of Taxonomy for the Materials/Products/Chemicals in your ERP Application. TaxoGen makes your organization data compliant with industry standards and follows best practices in setting up taxonomy, classification, characteristics, PH, Material grouping with TaxoGen. TaxoGen can help your organization to classify right materials, products, and services into relevant grouping, and further helps the data to be structured into a hierarchy


Master Data is vital to any organization, and Governance of Master Data drives your organization with more accurate and true version. Govern your data for high quality, no-duplicates, and have a correct, and complete data coming inconsistently with our pre-built Processes, Business Rules, Validations, and Quality Checks. Data, not only should be managed, but should be governed and approved by Data Stewards and stakeholders who own the data domains, and SmartMDG has them.