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  • Analytics
    • Discover : Discover & understand enterprise data & master data.
    • Define : Define business terms, validation rules, cloaning rule models.
    • Monitor : Monitor data quality, workflows, workflows to resolove data quality issues, Suface data quality score in business user applications.
  • Data Quality & standardization
    • Improve Data Quality by checking for Completeness, Consistency, Conformity, Duplication
    • Standardize descriptions, and various other attributes to be in complaince with local governance and import-export regulations.
    • Match & Merge the duplicated records to create a single unique record
  • Data Governance
    • Business Process improvement by Creating and Governing your Master Data centrally.
    • Out-Of-the-Box, and Custom solutions for master data domains such as Materials, Customers, Vendors/Suppliers, and Finance.
    • High Data quality with lower impact on business
  • Taxonomy
    • Provide Classification, Structure and Grouping for your Materials
    • Benchmark your taxonomy with multiple standard taxonomy models such as UNSPSC, eCl@ss, PIDX, NAICS, NIGP, and BOLS SOC
    • Derive short and long descriptions from our satndardized Taxonomy Model.
  • Migration
    • Clean, Map & Transform your master data
    • Carve out the data with best practices
    • Migrate your data with advanced tools
    • ECC Migration
  • Implementation
    • Data360 Solution for MASTER DATA
    • MDG on S/4 HANA, S/4 HANA, SAP Hybris
    • Salesforces CRM, Marketing Cloud, Mobile Cloud, Social Studio




AutoGen, an intelligent tool which automates the generation of  Description for Material/Product which keeps the description standardized across the system, complies with many industry standards.


TaxoGen automates the setup of Taxonomy for the Materials /Products /Chemicals in your ERP Application, makes your organization complaint with many industry standards, and Run your business with best practices.


A Master Data Governance tool which creates a true version of high quality, complete and correct data with predefined business processes which are governed and monitored by Data Stewards, and Business Stake holders.