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SAP HANA Migration & Implementation


As per a survey, 76% of those who have implemented HANA have projects underway or planned. Of these, 23% have one or more projects already in production; 22% have them planned and approved, but not yet started; and 31% have projects that have been planned, but not budgeted. Those projects that are underway are, for the most part, going well, as 90% of 388 respondents who had done an SAP HANA implementation reported that their projects met or exceeded expectations.

In case you have never worked with a SAP business warehouse (BW), a better approach is to install the same, rather than migrating the content which may prove to be a very complicated process. Installing SAP HANA will help you manage huge data volumes with fast reporting speeds.

In case of SAP BW on SAP HANA, only SAP HANA can be used as the primary database system. This scenario accelerates reporting for all data because the complete SAP BW data is stored in the main memory. The speed of data load processes also increases when using SAP BW on SAP HANA. This not only saves time spent otherwise on performing complicated steps in the process, but also helps run performance intensive processes directly on the SAP HANA DB. Additionally, deploying SAP HANA and the Planning Application Kit (PAK), helps speed up the execution of planning functions.


SAP HANA migrations can be categorized in two ways:

  • Migrating existing SAP applications DB into SAP HANA DB
  • Migrating non-SAP apps with non-SAP legacy data migration into SAP HANA using SAP Landscape Transformation and Data Services

Migrating existing SAP applications DB into SAP HANA DB

When performing a SAP BW on SAP HANA migration, SAP HANA replaces the primary DB of a SAP BW system. It does not matter which DB the SAP BW system was running on earlier – and thus, the migration is also known as migration of AnyDB to SAP HANA. While the existing DB can be switched off once the migration is completed, all the required data, data models, and SAP BW objects are safe and available for use. While the migration is on, you can run business as usual as this is a totally non-disruptive approach – SAP BW system can be run without any interruptions.

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